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We believe that intelligent technologies are rapidly transforming the way mobile robots can assist people in real life environments and tasks. Our mission at LAC Camera Systems is to enable true autonomy for unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile robots with groundbreaking technology and intuitive user interfaces.

Our unique positioning hardware combined with our software solutions enable our corporate clients in extracting considerable competitive and cost saving advantages from state of the art UAVs and mobile robots. Furthermore we provide ready to fly camera drones with outstanding imaging and tracking performance.

Let us help you

Our passion centres around providing easy to use solutions to real life challenges in multitude of industrial tasks such as inspections, asset management, geographic information and aerial data collection as well as enabling situational awareness in fast emerging situations. We are a reliable partner who is committed to exceeding customer expectations every day.


We continuously develop our core technologies that enable you to protect your on-site personnel from hazards by using versatile UAVs to get up and close to critical structures. We can leverage our proprietary technologies to automate site monitoring and surveillance and help in pushing down your operational costs. Precise and reliable positioning through visual obstructions, such as haze and smoke, is achieved with embedded wireless hardware immune to dirt, moisture and mechanical damage.


Our customer groups

LAC Camera Systems' hardware, software and ready to fly drone products can be widely adopted in various industries such as grid utilities, transport infrastructure and public safety. We pursue long term partnership with our customers and our goal is to offer the best products and service in the field of intelligent mobile robots and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Featured technology

Revolutionary 3D navigation technology

Precise 3D navigation presents a challenge for UAVs. Currently available navigation methods include GPS and/or preprogrammed guidance instructions transmitted from a ground station computer relying on a stored map. When operating in GPS denied spaces, or attempting to perform tasks that require precision navigation, UAVs have to be manually guided by experienced human pilots.

LAC Camera Systems has invented and patented groundbreaking radio based device to device tracking technology enabling fully autonomous operation even in the most demanding applications and environments.